Season #4 - Winter. Central Apennines. One step at a time and don't go back to 'start'

The Quarantozzis pandemic winter. In the streets and paths of the village, now red, now yellow, orange and red again, the snow has fallen white, offering a peaceful variation among the few alternatives for movement. The only kinetic certainty is the dog: Miozzi wants to go out every day. There are also cinephile certainties, or much less, of evening seclusions “watching stuff”. Also on its way a TV series on a Franconian brewer struggling against a chess grandmaster Bavarian orphan, in an automatic forced plots generator, to meet the pandemic demands.

We dream of a new, vaccinated, normality. Chaos reigns over when. In the meantime, the days must be faced, one after the other.

At 6.30 am the alarm clock rings in the Quarantozzis house and also in the Forrestis house, those arrived in the country with the pandemic and who now curse the choice, given that work from home is waning together with the charm of the margin, with the woods, the clean air, the few gatherings.

Forget bucolicism, the countdown is starting again, not the lockdown. Different forms of getting stressed. And: minus 3, minus 2, minus 1, go! Everybody out of the house, by car, by plane, by train, by bus, by underground. See you tonight, village, late, don’t get sad. The imperative is to go back to the way it was before.

The Quarantozzis, after the vegetable garden and the wooded wandering of the past months, have got to know the place where they live better: in the vicinity there are three bars, a pizzeria, every Tuesday the foodstuff peddler passes by, on Mondays and Thursdays the greengrocer on his truck, on Saturdays the baker’s van. Everything is outdoors and at home, even before the pandemic was like this. The primary school will close this year and be merged with that of another village, the post office is still open. Even the marginal villages have their own economic life, since this interests us most of all, it seems. “Vaccines will push consumption” we are told, as far as we will find out. 

Waiting for Springtime, the Quarantozzis, and not just them, so if you have photos and short thoughts from similar places too, and you want to send them, we’ll be glad to add them.

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