Summer. Central Apennines and a stop-over at the sea. Everything open, everything closed.

Adagio – Face-mask gatherings on the Apennine peaks. The Quarantozzis have been able to leave the village and out there there’s Mount Gran Sasso, trodden by lots, many, more tourists than usual.

«You need to be outside, mountain air is better than the sea, the virus loves humidity, there’s more people at the sea, Abruzzo, like Molise, has had very few cases, and nobody ever goes there»: all this background noise must have made Abruzzo and its mountains so exceptionally seducing.

The paths around the village, on the other hand, have seen no increase, acres of nature, wild animals, few humans and Miozzi.

And we can all go back to work, ok with remote working and all, great achievement, less stress and pollution, but the canteen is a gathering place for Quarantozzis worldwide.

Little exercise – Movement is short-lived, a few months to see friends and family and spend some time together, a few shows, usually open air, because what do we really know about this virus, at the end of the day, if even virologists keep arguing about it?

And the Quarantozzis go back to their strolls in the village, where, rumours have it, someone else might be coming to live. Big numbers: four people all in one go, a historic surge in population density.

In the next months of isolation the residents will have plenty of material for their internal investigations, on identity, origin, occupation, orientations of the new, fearless lot.

Some steps over the margin.

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How we learned to enjoy the margin
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